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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fall In Love With You!!!

I'll be completing the Believe Ye Receive series but I got a little note from Mike Dooley this morning and it set me off. A few of you may remember Mike Dooley from the movie, “The Secret”. Well Mike has this great FREE service where he sends these wonderful uplifting notes to you everyday. Take a few minutes, after reading this, of course, to swing by Mike's and sign up for your own notes. Click here to visit The Adventurer's Club. My thanks to Mike for the inspiration for this.

Do you love you? How do you feel about spending time with yourself? Do you spend time avoiding yourself? Do you find yourself in pointless relationships with people you don't even really like or doing things you'd rather not, all because you are avoiding yourself?

Taken on the face of it, the question Do you love you is a simple one but as human beings there are complexities for all of us. We are not just face value people. We are complicated, with complicated back stories and skeletons we believe are better left hidden. However, as we start to hide parts of ourselves, we begin to lose parts of ourselves and we forget who we are. Pretty soon we're avoiding ourselves like the plague.

How many of you are filling your days and nights with things to keep you occupied so you don’t have deal with the person in the mirror? Maybe you’re afraid to even look in the mirror, or put down the drink, or let that lover go or whatever it is that you are doing to keep from really getting into you.

Self-hatred is a universal concept. Even people raised in the best of places by other people who had the best intentions can fall into its clutches. So how do you get out and get back to loving you?

First let me add that self-hatred has a lot of guises. You may believe that it is your fat thighs that are keeping you from getting ahead or your lack of education that is keeping you down. Those things only have as much power as you allow them to have. They mean absolutely nothing about you. Perhaps someone abused you and capped it off by telling you that you were nothing or a dummy or maybe they did worse. Yes it happened and the pain is real, but that is all that is real.

Self-hatred hardly ever springs from nowhere. We are indoctrinated into it. Indoctrinated is another word for brainwashed. People who have power over us either through evil machinations or just because they don't know any better belittle and terrorize us into believing that what is happening is our fault. That fault becomes our bag and we carry it around and as other things happen, we fold more stuff and put it in the bag and before you know it we're weighed down with hating ourselves for things that other people have done.

It doesn't have to stay this way. When we learn better, we can do better. I believe in 100% responsibility. If you don't know that your life can be different then you have no responsibility but once you learn that things can change then it is your responsibility to set about changing them. No one is saying that this quest for self-love is easy, but it is so worth it.

The most important thing that you change, to start, is your mind. Up to now, you may have been on auto-pilot when it comes to belittling and berating yourself, but from this moment forward you have the power to DECIDE that your life can be different. All it really takes is speaking it with authority. Of course, if you go to church or somewhere religious, prayer and meditation can also be helpful. However, the most important thing is making it up in your mind that your life can be different. I've used that phrase a lot. That incredibly simple concept of it can be different has been one of the most profound things that has ever happened in my life. The true and complete understanding that the way I was living, the things that I was allowing myself to put up with didn't have to be. The most freeing thing was coming to the knowledge that I held the key. I didn't have to wait for a man to come and free me from my dungeon. I could do it myself. I say do it myself but that is a misnomer. Help is available. I hope you’ll treat this blog as a resource.

My help came in the form of a woman named Belanie Dishong. I attended a seminar hosted by her called "Beyond Circumstances". I recommend it to anyone who has made the decision to relinquish their hold on the baggage of the past. While this seminar was not the first thing I’d ever done along the lines of self-discovery, it was the first thing that allowed me to find the hurt and relieve the hurt and pain of its power. As I said I recommend whole-heartedly.

If you aren’t able or ready to attend a seminar right off the bat, then there are some things that you can do to start to heal yourself. I am not a doctor or a psychotherapist, so I am sharing things that have worked for me.

Exercise: Think about the thing that you like least about yourself. Whatever it may be. Say something positive and loving about it. I love my _____________. Repeat the phrase throughout the day to yourself. Write it down and keep it on a card and look at it. The goal is start to change your mind and there is a science to it. Repetition of the phrase will start to make it more real and over time more believable. Over time you can ad things to the list. It may see simplistic but the vast majority of life’s changes only take a small shift in thinking.

Finally here a few directives to take with you.

DECIDE your life will be different
BE AWARE of what you are saying and thinking about yourself.
STOP taking the blame for things that are not your fault.
REPLACE negatives with positives.

Manifesting...Start With Your Mindset


Guy Vestal said...

Very inspiring reading, nice website, keep up the good work! Thanks For Sharing.

God Bless...

Demetria said...

Thanks for dropping by Guy.

Ang totoo niyan eh, takot ako sa payaso, isama mo na ang butiki at kahit anong gumagapang. said...

haven't read that book yet. planning to. friends been recommending it.