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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Breaking the Lack Habit - Part 1

Know Where Lack Started

Lack consciousness is something that a great many of us grow up with. We inherit it from our parents who send out nonverbal cues about money and their relationship with it. I grew up with an innate understanding that we never had enough money. That even if money was present there was still no time to relax because that money was already earmarked for something else. If we spent something the overwhelming feeling was that something else would suffer. It always came to feel that we had more balls in the air than we could possibly juggle at any one time. Here's the thing. I didn't know I felt that way at the time. Most of us have no vocabulary to speak to our feelings. I remember very clearly, the time for our senior trip rolled around. I simply did not ask my parents. I knew we didn't have enough. What had begun as an idea had crystallized into a way of being. The seed of lack was planted. It became a scenario I replayed over and over and always the result was “never enough”.

No Blame

This is not a blame the parents manifesto. It's useless to place blame, most of what they taught either knowingly or not came from what they had inherited from their parents. I had the basics of what I needed. What I didn't have was a vocabulary to speak to money issues or a way to get past the overwhelming sense of lack. The only beneficial thing that can be done to rectify lack consciousness is to break the cycle.

A Hard Habit to Break

Like so many habits we have, we break them for a time before quietly slipping back into them because they reside in our comfort zone. You may be asking yourself how lack could be part of our comfort zone. All of us hate being broke. Yes we hate it, but we understand it. It's what we know how to do. It is our status quo. Our psyche's are constantly seeking stasis but we must change to have any effective chance at breaking out of the cycle of lack.

Is Saving the Key to Abundance?

Saving is a worthwhile endeavor that more of us should do more often. But if we have not opened ourselves to the limitless abundance that is available to us, we are really just hoarders. Unless we change the principles and mindset we attach to money, we still will not have established a true level of comfort. We will still operate from a place of fear and uncertainty with regard to the money we have and not share our abundance with others. Once we accept whole heartedly that there are no limitations on source then we know there is no scarcity save for that we create.

It's All About Source

Many of us have not made a true connection to source or God. I identify my source as God. Whatever you choose to call it,it is imperative to make that connection. What we come to understand is that we have access to limitless abundance, however there are some rules that must be followed.

  1. Open yourself to Abundance
    If you constantly feel that money is an elusive quantity that seems to get away from you as fast as it can then you must determine why. First of all you have everything you need within yourself to effect your transition. Opening your heart and mind to abundance is key. You must accept that your are worthy and deserving of having overflowing abundance.
  2. You Gotta Believe
    Who'da thunk, I'd be quoting the immortal words of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch with regard to abundance. We have to believe. Faith is the crux of the issue. We must believe what we desire is available from our source, despite appearance, otherwise. You may not have a dime in your pocket and no clear idea of how to manifest what you want but you must believe it is yours. Believing before receiving may seem counterintuitive; however, the Bible tells us to “call those things that are not, as though they are”. Start now to claim your birthright of abundance.
  3. Get Clear
    Wallace Wattles, author of “The Science of Getting Rich” admonishes us that we should get a clear picture of what we want and hold it in our mind as we impress on formless source our desires. We must hold the picture while believing that it is already ours. It's not enough to hold the idea in our imaginations, alone. We must commit to it. This means working to eradicate doubt. Doubt is the enemy of forward progress. The bible says in James that the person who doubts is unstable and yet each and every one of us has harbored doubt. However to begin to bring our dreams into the fullness of fruition we must start knowing. Knowing beyond a shadow of any doubt that we are worthy. When we sit in a chair, it is with utter certainty that we arise. It is with that same certainty we begin to bring our dreams into the realms of reality.
  4. Take Action
    As much as we wish, we, like Jeannie or Samantha, from “Bewitched”, could blink our eyes or wiggle our nose and have all our desires at our feet at a moments notice, we also learned from those shows that magic has it own set of rules and it is not without it's own shortcomings. No we must commit to some action to bring our dreams into reality. To say you want something without decisive action brands you a simple day dreamer.

Manifesting...Start With Your Mindset

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